HymnSight is a colourful collection of photo resources that are intended  for non-profit use in churches or in church-related institutions. It is the work of an informal group of seasoned church people, mostly retired, who have a deep love of the church community that has nurtured us through our lives. So we want to share a few of the photographic resources that we have found to be useful. We don’t for a moment hold the illusion that HymnSight will supply all your needs. Not even all your needs for projected images.

The HymnSight project won’t bring in the Kingdom and it won’t have hordes of people flocking through your doors. But it will help. It will add a little flavour, a bit of colour and light to the inspirational stew of a service of worship. If that “stew” lacks nutrients ‒ if it’s served half-cooked and lukewarm, this resource won’t do a thing for you.

But you never know. A few passive pew warmers might get excited, or at least thoughtful, about the words they sing. As the song goes, “It only takes a spark to get a fire going.”

Ralph Milton